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    One day, +100 people exploring the impact of technology in the way we live and work!

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    What will be the impact of automation and artificial intelligence in the way we work? What about in the way we live? How will autonomous cars impact the cities we live in? Are we ready for universal basic income? Will robots pay tax income? How are the workspaces of the future?


    These and many other questions were discussed by a diverse group of people on November 25th in Porto.


    xFuture Conference is supported by ScaleUp Porto.'s Call for Activities.


    Join us and let's co-create the Future!

  • xFuture Conference 2017

    November 25th @ BLIP

  • Speakers

    Jonathan Imme

    32 year old entrepreneur, based in Berlin that builds web tools, events and offline spaces that help diverse people to collaborate, innovate and inspire each other.

    Sissel Hansen

    Founder and CEO of the company behind the Startup Guides; Startup Everywhere. Working to empower entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs worldwide.

    Pedro Portela

    Pedro is a Researcher and Practicioner of Complex Systems Science.

    Camille Chapuis

    Camille has a strong international and multicultural experience, which she nurtures at OuiShare by coordinating projects with an international dimension and brings together extremely varied actors.

    Hélder Martins

    Head of Technology at BLIP.pt. Passionate about being Agile and Lean.

    Leilani Franklin-Apted

    Lala has a life-long fascination with creating “stories” that move and loves bringing seemingly mismatched pieces together into a thoughtful and inspiring whole, something she can be found doing on Unsettled retreats as the Head of Experience Design.

    Daniel Ospina

    Daniel Ospina is an Organization Designer, the founder of Conductal, and a visiting lecturer at Oxford University.

    Gabriela Masfarré Pintó

    Passionate about social entrepreneurship, community building processes and social engagement.

    Antonio Santos

    Atos Senior Data Intelligence Expert, focus on Social Networks and Analytics for Business Applications

    Fabian Baumer

    Fabian is a researcher/ philosopher and current collaborator for You Me and the Robot, his field of interest lies in ethics, ethics in consumption and philosophy of technology.

    Inês Santos Silva


    Inês is an aspirant Futurist that has been mainly developing projects in the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship and social good.

    Francisco Vila Nova

    Member at ShARE-international student organization.

    Ana Coelho

    Member of Circular Economy Portugal and co-organizer of Repair Café Porto.

    Inês Borges

    Member at ShARE-international student organization.

    Steven Strehl

    CTO and Digital Campaign Booster at Mein Grundeinkommen

    Brenno Kaschner Russo

    Creativity and Innovation Agent, Visual Communicator, Facilitator, Community Activator, Photographer & Curator

  • Agenda

    November 25th @ BLIP

    09:15am - Doors Open .: Registration & Networking
    10:00am - Opening Remarks & House Keeping
    10:10am - "Long live the Future" by Inês Santos Silva
    10:40am - "Work Culture at BLIP" by Hélder Martins
    11:00am - Coffee-break
    11:30pm - "The Future of Organizations: community, multicentered, and change as a movement" by Daniel Ospina

    12:00am - The Future of Work (Fishbowl Panel)

    • Moderated by Inês Santos Silva
    • Panelists:
      • Antonio Santos
      • Sissel Hansen

    12:45am - "Are we ready for Universal Basic Income?" by Steven Strehl
    01:15pm - Lunch time
    02:30pm - The Future is already here!

    • Repair Café Porto by Ana Coelho + Q&A
    • Learning from the Ouishare Model by Camille Chapuis + Q&A
    • Automation & the Textile Industry in Portugal by ShARE Porto + Q&A

    03:30pm - Transitioning to a VUCA* Future by Pedro Portela

    * Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous
    04:00pm - "Business Models of the Future" by Gabriela Masfarré Pintó
    04:30pm - Coffee-break
    05:00pm - The Future of Living (Fishbowl Panel)

    • Moderated by Brenno Russo
    • Panelists:
      • Jonathan Imme
      • Leilani Franklin-Apted

    06:00pm - "The implications of Robotization on the Future of Work" by Fabian Baumer.
    06:30pm - Closing Remarks

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